Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Insights for the hardened heart

Read and reflected on Mark. 6: 47-52 today and the verse that stood out for me was, "They had not gained any insight ... but their heart was hardened" (v.52).

It is a sad commentary by Mark about the disciples' learning. Just hours ago, they were shown a great miracle of God's provision, and yet after that they fell to the depths of terror in the storm. They had gained no insight to the workings of God and missed out on the lesson to be learnt from the miracle.

Lest we be quick to judge them, it may be good to ponder why did they not learnt anything? Mark told us that their hearts were hardened and it blinded them to learning about God. Why and how was it harden? How long has it been harden? Can it be soften? Beware of the dangerous of a hardened heart.

In reflection, is my heart hardened or soft? Would i have replied the same as the disciples in verse 37? Am I still hardened by my past baggages and hurts? Can I still gain insights with this hardened heart?

With us, we cannot gain insight, but with God, He makes all the difference. The good news for us, is that He gets into the boat with us, see verse 51, and calms us.  He heard our cries in the storm and enters our boat to calm our fears. He can and will help us to know Him again in a fresh way.

Lord, please come into my life and totally transform me. Replace this hardened heart which prevents me from knowing you. Give me fresh insights to learn and to row pass the storms of life.

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