Monday, June 6, 2011

Fearing God

While John the Baptist came unannounced, worked away from the populace, and did not conformed to society norms, his results were outstanding. "The whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem went out to him". Unconventional approaches. Unbelievable results.

My reflections today was on Mark 1 verses 1-4, on the introduction of John the Baptist.

2 main thoughts struck me. One was on the manner of John the Baptist's ministry. The other, theocentrically, was on the certainty of God's promises.

John was a messenger, not the One - the Son of God. He was the way preparer, the caller for the Voice, the path maker. He knows that his role is secondary and he will always play 2nd fiddle to the Messiah. He was also unconventional and non-conformist in his fashion, diet, and working style. All in, he is not your typical evangelist. But his results were stunning. Crowds came from all over and were baptised. Indeed, he was successfully preparing the way for the Messiah.

God's Word when uttered, always come true. "as it is written" in verse 1 and "and so John the Baptist appeared" bears to this truth of God's Word. What God promised will be done, minus the noisy fanfare and over zealous marketing. And when it is done, the results are visible and stunning.

While we know that His Word will come true, do we readily believe in it? This is where I find myself lacking and John the Baptist a quiet giant. John the Baptist went forth in obedience to His Word and did His bidding. I often shrink back and waited.

Teach me to fear your Word again. Let me not be one who knows about your word but take it lightly. Let me be one who knows your Word, fear it and let it order my life accordingly. 

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