Sunday, February 27, 2011

Break up your fallow hardened ground

The worship leader in the Sunday Service said this yesterday, "My heart goes out to those who are once faithful but are not walking with the Lord now ..." Those words struck me as I am like that. My heart is a fallow and hardened ground, and un-tended garden overgrown with weeds, unable to receive the grace of God.

But what really struck me is the thought of the model that I'm leaving for my two daughters now. When I was at the height of my ministry service, my children were still young and ignorant. Now when they are aware of what's happening, they see a father struggling to walk with God, often in outbursts and unkind towards the family.

Am I going to leave that negative picture for them? I need to buck up and be the positive role model for them. Lord, lead me towards loving you again. Rain on me your grace and love. Let me walk faithfully with you once again.

It is possible. All things are possible with God. I must believe that.

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