Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pulpit Reminders

The preacher was talking about Brother Lawrence last week. He was a lay brother of the Carmelite movement in the 1600s, doing nothing spectacular, only washing and cooking in the kitchen of the monastery. But in his quite moments, his heart was tuned into God and his life was transformed.
I was reminded that the mundane things in life need not continue to be mundane, energy sapping and demoralising. Through God's enabling, I can do something about it. The issue always, is whether I am willing to let God break in and do His specialty - doing the impossible.

For years now, I am feeling down and depressed about my job. I am like stuck in a rut and with the World progressing so fast, there seems to be no hope for an old worker like me. My energy levels are going down by the term and I am doing lesser for my students each term. I am ashamed and wanted to change but find it so difficult and settled for the easier path of doing less.

Lord would you help me to see these youths as your children afresh. Boys and girls who need to be moulded and helped. Youths that I can impart Biblical principles into them indirectly. And help me to identify one to two boys whom I can touch per year. Let me work on the few deeply.

To do that I recognise that I need to wake from my spiritual slumber and lethargy. Revive me afresh Lord. Fill me with your Holy Spirit once again. And let me see the light.

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