Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flower pots and flower plots.

What is our life bounded by? How big is the area for our growth?

A 'by-chance' sight of a pot of plants by the Katong Florists gave me this insight into our human growth boundary.

There are limits for each of us - whether imposed by self or by circumstances or by society. He is autistic - the flower pot becomes very small. He is a bright kid - suddenly there's no limits for his growth, and he is potted by fertile ground.

What am I bounded by? Is it a small $3 pot or the vast limitless land? What bounds me? Is it childhood voices from my parents? Or society 's ridicule?

God today promises no boundaries for my growth. In fact He goes one step better. He plants me firmly besides streams of living water. For those who delights in the law of the LORD (Ps.1:2-3).

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